Whats The Story?

A Fresh start was what was needed entering 2020. 

The brand formally known as Bowties and Candyfloss has evolved from what was and has now become ‘The Young and Free’ (After a very very long thought battle)

Continuing the values that Bowties and Candyfloss had, The Young and Free will explore a more developed design mission and plan.

The idea and new concept of the brand is all about not having any rules in the world of little human fashion and just letting kids be free wearing whatever makes them happy.

With that being said, The Young and Free will continue to provide the best stylish, unisex, printed basics that will allow all to enjoy their everyday adventures without the fuss.

With fashion always changing and the kids forever growing the brand will provide timeless sustainable slow fashions. Creating pieces for all year round (Shorts in the winter?? Yes please! Because its sunny somewhere right?)


 (The Very Short Version Of My Journey)

After the birth of my 1st child in 2012, I soon became bored of what the fashion industry had to offer our little people. With the typical blue for boys, pink for girls, yellows and greys neutral, I saw a little gap in the market to provide fun basics for kids and in 2013 Bowties and Candyfloss was born.

I had originally started Bowties and Candyfloss as a blog of all the little adventures baby and I will get up to in our 1st year, however with the excitement of a new business venture thought it made sense to link the 2.

Launching at the Baby show in Kensington Olympia the world was introduced to the brand and from that day it has been one rollercoaster ride to remember.


With a on again off again relationship with the business (due to other life commitments) It wasn’t until 2018 when I had my second little human that the passion of designing, creating  and making found its way back to me.

Because of the relationship that I had with the business, felt that along the way I had lost the brand identity and what the aim for the business was in the first place. I had this sense of trying to keep up and with that blurred the lines of being creative and just putting out products and new lines to stay relevant.

It was time to take a few steps back and really think about what it is I’m trying to achieve and what were my original goals from the beginning.

So after changing logo designs, re-branding and everything else in between thought that it was a good time to take the business in a new direction.

A name change is something I’ve had at the back of my mind for ages and with the new source of passion and direction ‘The young and Free’ is the starting point of all things new.

So here’s to the new journey starting in 2020. Where the rules of trends and following fashion is going to change. There will no longer be season collections but fun amazing basic pieces for the wardrobe made for all seasons, where we layer up in the winter and roll hems in the summer.